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Our version of MediaWiki has a couple of additional formatting rules that are not available in the standard version of MediaWiki.


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New Rules

Forum Links

With the following tags you can link directly to a certain forum, thread or post on the main site.

<forum id=1>link to the forum with ID #1</forum>
<thread id=2>link to the thread with ID #2</thread>
<post id=3>link to the post with ID #3</post>

This will produce:

link to the forum with ID #1

link to the thread with ID #2

link to the post with ID #3

Email addresses

There are two ways to use email addresses, the normal way is simply by writing it like: mailto:dummy@dummy.tld . But this makes too visible for email harvesters. The more safe way would be


Which will create an image like this:

[email address]

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