Adding Non-Default ONS Node Configs Within WebAdmin (UT2004)

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One of the nice features of the UT2004 Webadmin is the facility to add maps in and out of the map list without editing the server config by hand or requiring a server restart. This works fine for most gametypes - but for ONS there is a major drawback where you want to use a non-default node config for the map.

The webadmin currently only allows you to add in a map - but not specify the node config.

The only way most admins know to do this is to directly edit the maplist in the server .ini file, then restart the server before the next map change. This is a real problem for busy servers, where the admin does not have direct access to the machine, or has no ftp access to the config file.


This has only been tested by me on servers running map-vote - there may be small changes you need to make for your own setup. This information is provided in the hope that it will help other admins looking for a way to do this.

As with all things which make a change to your config - take a backup if you can before trying this. Try it at your own risk.

Adding in maps with non-default node configs: method

This is done by passing the server the map-add request on a URL query string.

The exact query string depends on the name and number of your maplist - but here I will show you the basic details you need and give an example of a string to use for the default setup:

Adding in maps with non-default node configs: detail

  1. Log on to webadmin, go to the defaults screen
  2. Check that the map you want to add IS in the "Maps Not In Cycle" list
  3. If the map is NOT in the list because there has not been a map change since you uploaded the map do not continue. Either wait for a map change (preferred) or force a map change (not good if people are playing)
  4. Plug the machine address, port, Map List name and number, map name and link setup name into the following URL and paste it into your browser address bar:

note: The default ONS map list number is "0", default name is "Default ONS" - use "Default+ONS" in the URL for this.

  1. Reorder and save the map in the map list as normal


This adds in Primeval with the "One_Way" link setup to the default "0" maplist named "Default ONS" to server at running the webadmin at port 80:
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