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This tutorial was created by Bry

Ok so we know how to kick a player and change the map but, there is so much more that can be done via the admin console. In-fact, you can do anything that you could do when editing the ini.

The Unreal Tournament ini is split into class’s, variables and values.

A class is the section heading i.e.


a variable are settings within a class i.e.

MaxPlayers= maxplayers is the variable 

And values are the value you wish to assign to the variable i.e.

MaxPlayers=10            ;10 is the value 

Using this basic knowledge of a UnrealTournament.ini we can change any setting using the command :

Admin set class variable value

Admin tells the server the following is an admin command. Set tells the server you wish to change a setting.

So by using the example above if we wish to change the maximum players in the server to 12 we would type

Admin set engine.gameinfo maxplayers 12

These changes take effect immediately. We can also use a similar structure to see the current value a setting has by simply omitting the value and changing set to get.

Therefore we have a basic format of

Admin get class variable

With the result i.e. the variable (setting) being shown to you in the console.

Therefore after changing maximum players to 12 we should get an answer of 12 from the console.

Admin get engine.gameinfo maxplayers

This will then tell us there are 12 player slots.

If you wanted to alter the webadmin username and password

admin set UTServerAdmin.UTServerAdmin AdminUsername ENTERUSERHERE
admin set UTServerAdmin.UTServerAdmin AdminPassword ENTERPASSHERE

Ok ok, so we can easily get that from any server browser why would I want to use the get command? The get command is very useful for those settings you need to know ut can’t quite remember. Like the situation below.

I know my admin console password but I have forgotten my webadmin username and password?

This can easily be got by using the two below commands (remember you must be logged in as admin for this to work)

Admin get UTServerAdmin.UTServerAdmin AdminUsername

This would then tell you, your webadmin username

Admin get UTServerAdmin.UTServerAdmin AdminPassword

This would then tell you, your webadmin password.

A lot of people believe in giving admins limited access i.e. only giving them admin console and not webadmin. Well I’m sorry to say this but if you give someone admin access via console then as shown above you are giving them full 100% access to your server.

So basically anything can be changed via admin set and anything can be seen via admin get. But these commands should only be used if you know what you are doing, as changing or deleting the wrong setting (i.e. setting no value) can make your server unplayable or prevent it from running.

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