Anticheat Measures (UT)

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This is a document to outline what basic anticheat measures can be used on a server.

Anticheat mods

The existing anticheat mods are as follows :

  • AntiShockHo (1) : keybind detector.
  • AnthChecker : package checker for rogue sounds and skins.
  • AntiFA : originally designed to stop abuse of fireadjust but blocks other TCCs.
  • AntiTimer : Spawns powerups following a random interval.
  • AntiTweak : stops the use of TCCs.
  • CHSP (1) : predecessor of UTPure with the exception of private versions which are more advanced.
  • EUT
  • NoBullShitPlus (1) : alternative to UTPure which doesn't conflict with RocketArena. No longer maintained.
  • PureChecker (1) : package checker designed to check the integrity of UTPure.
  • UTDC : detection of external hacks.
  • UTPure : general uscript protection.

(1) Outdated.

Minimal setup

As a minimal setup, it is advised to install UTPure as this will block the use of any uscript hacks. It is possible to hack UTPure so adding a sort of package checker is advised. AnthChecker is capable of doing this to a certain point.

However, it is advised to add a third layer with UTDC to block the use of any external hacks that are undetectable via conventional means. UTDC is also capable of carrying out some full md5 checks on packages and is the preferred solution for a lot of admins.

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