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Webadmin maybe easy to use but it can be hassle if you want to do something while your playing – enter the admin console. The console can either be shown with the ~ key or a quick console command by pressing the tab key (default keys) This shows you a text version of everything that is going on in the server.

Basic Commands

Adminlogin [password]

Type adminlogin yourpasshere to be able to execute admin commands


Logs you out of admin returning you back to a normal player


Pauses the Server and nothing can continue until you retype pause


This will reset the entire game


This will end the current round so a new one can start

Say # [message]

This will write a bold, white, centered message to the screen.


As well as the normal kick and kickban options you can now easily kick by a players id, so if they have a complicated ascii name this method is much preferable.

pkick [id]

This will kick a player based upon their id

pkickban [id]

This will ban a player based on their id


Exactly the same as pkickban but the ban is removed when the next map starts.

Configuring Your Server

admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo ServerName [name]

this will change your ServerName to the [name] you specify

admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine1 [motd]
admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine2 [motd]
admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine3 [motd]
admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MOTDLine4 [motd]

Each command will change each line of your MOTD to what you specify in [motd]

admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminName [adminname]

Changes the admin name of your server to [adminname]

admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminEmail [email]

Changes your email of the admin to [email]

Game Options

admin set Engine.GameInfo MaxPlayers [number]

maximum number of players ( [number ]) on server

admin set Engine.GameInfo MaxSpectators [number]

maximum number of spectators on server

admin set s_SWAT.s_SWATGame MaxTeamSize [number]

maximum number of players ( [ number] ) per team

admin set s_SWAT.s_SWATGame PreRoundDuration [seconds]

Time before The Round Starts

admin set s_SWAT.s_SWATGame RoundDuration [minutes]

Changes round duration

admin set s_SWAT.s_SWATGame TimeLimit [minutes]

Changes map duration

admin set engine.gameinfo gamepassword [password]

Requires [password] to join game (blank = no password)

admin set engine.gameinfo adminpassword [admin password]

set new admin password

admin set s_SWAT.s_SWATGame bExplosionsFF [True/False]

ff explosions on or off

admin set s_SWAT.s_SWATGame bReduceSFX [True/False]

(not) reduce SFX

admin set s_SWAT.s_SWATGame bDisableRealDamages [False/True]

real damage on/off

admin set s_SWAT.s_SWATGame bDisableActorResetter [True/False]

(dis)enable actor resetter

admin set engine.gameinfo bmutespectators [False/True]

(dis)allow spectators to talk during a game

admin set s_SWAT.s_SWATGame bDisableIDLEManager [True/False]

Idle manager on/off

TOST Commands (Taken from TOST Readme)

ShowIP 'ID'

show a players IP


kickban all players with a negative score (excluding admins)


toggles the admin screen

Switch (switchlevel 'map' OR saMapChg 'map')

Switch to any map within a second now, just mark the map you want (if you cant find your map - maybe you have to scroll a bit) and click on the SWITCH button.


Just click on SKIP and the server will load the next map from the Mapcycle.

set next (sasetnextmap 'map')

This command will set the next map. Just highlight a map and then click on SETNEXT. When the current map is over, the map that you set will be played. Whenever you set a new next map a message will be displayed to the players.

Make Teams (mkteams)

Evens the teams. The players who joined the server at last will be moved to even the team sizes. On right click (mkteams 1): the weapons will be removed (you can use this to "punish" players who always change back to their original team after you used the mkteamcommand

CHANGE TEAM (fteamchg 'ID')

Moves the specified players to the opposite team. Useful in clanwars. Or to even the teams by skill. or to do games like "n00bs vs. Vets" (Right click (fteamchg 'ID' 1): : Moves the specified players AND removes their weapons).

PS-PROTECT SERVER (protectsrv)

sets a random game password for a given period of time, in order to prevent the reconnection of quickly IP changing teamkillers and cheaters that you have previously kickbanned. The password will be shown to the admins (everybody else can have a nice time trying all of the 308,915,776 possibilities when reconnecting ... )The password will be removed if

  • time is up
  • end of map has been reached
  • another call to "ProtectSrv" is made

Note: ProtectSrv will remove a previously set password!

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