Console Commands (UT)

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Function Console Command
Login As Server Admin? adminlogin
Log Out As Server Admin? adminlogout
Kick a Player kick [playername]
Kick and Ban a Player kickban [playername]
Pause The Game Pause
Show a Message in the Middle of the Screen say # [message]
Add Bots addbots [no of bots]
Remove All Bots killall bot
Change Levels switchlevel [mapname]
Change Levels & Game Type 1,2 servertravel [mapname].unr?game=botpack.[gametype]

1) If you use redirection the map name needs to be in the correct case. eg. CTF-Face not ctf-face

2) List of games types are as follows: DeathMatchPlus, CTFGame, Domination, Assault, TeamGamePlus So the command would look something like this to start a CTF game of Face:

servertravel CTF-Face.unr?game=botpack.ctfgame
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