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These FAQs apply to most, if not all, games.

I found the latest beta patch, should I install it ?

The beta can break things on your server (incompatible with a mod), ofcourse you should always test that on a test server first before you are going to install a patch on the public server.

The main deal with beta patches is not that it might break things, it's just that it isn't supported via the normal channels, you are on your own.

I want to restart my server, how do I do this ?

There's no way to actualy restart your server. But if the server has been set up correctly you can just stop the server by using admin exit or admin quit from the ingame console, or just exit or quit in the console of the WebAdmin.

If the server has been set up correctly, so that it will restart when it crashes, it will just restart the server. If the server has not been set up correctly it will remain down, this also happens when the server might crash.

How do I compress\decompress a file (uz or uz2) ?

To compress a file simply call

ucc compress filename

To decompress use

ucc decompress filename

The (de)compressed files will be put in the same directory as the original.

You can use wildcards in the filename, for example:

ucc decompress ../Compressed/*.uz2

There are several compression tools available that make things easier.

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