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My linux server does not appear to be using my UT2004.ini file in the System/ folder, what's the deal?

Check your ~/.ut2004/System/ folder as an alternative location for the server's ini files. Though the first run may use the one you made, additional cycles might rely on this alternative directory structure generated during the inital startup. TIP: (symbolically linking these files might make things easier: "#[email protected] ~/UT2004DS/System/> ln -s ~/.ut2004/System/UT2004.ini ." )

I have a UT2004 server running on a linux machine, but when I login to webadmin, there are no gametypes, maps, or mutators listed in any of the lists

In UT2004, all mutator, map, gametype, weapon, announcer, and vehicle information is stored in a text file named CacheRecords.ucl. The problem is that the CacheRecords.ucl that was included in the dedicated server release was generated from the full version of the game, thus it contains contains a few references to maps which weren't included in the dedicated server release (such as the tutorial maps). The caching system is designed to clean up invalid references, so the first time that you start the server, the caching system detects that these maps are missing, and removes them from the CacheRecords.ucl file.

The file is encoded as Unicode, but on some linux systems, when the caching system modifies the CacheRecords.ucl file, it gets converted to ANSI format when it's written back to disk. There are a couple of workarounds:

  1. Re-extract the CacheRecords.ucl file from the dedicated server .zip file, and mark it read-only prior to starting your server again. This prevents the caching system from modifying the file, thus preserving the original formatting.
  2. Replace the CacheRecords.ucl with a version that contains the correct entries for the dedicated server version. Using this method is probably the best method, in my opinion, as this way, the caching system doesn't waste time trying to remove invalid entries from the CacheRecords.ucl file each time the map changes. Do not attempt to open this file or otherwise modify it, since that would probably cause it to become corrupted just like the one that was shipped with the dedicated server release. If you need to FTP this file to your server, make sure you transfer it in binary mode, to prevent any problems with encoding and/or line ending differences.
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