Handling Troublemakers

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Let's say you've opened up a public server. You want everyone to enjoy themselves and come back on a regular basis so the server is used so your investment is not wasted. Well, there are a few categories of people that will do everything to sabotage that. Read on...


The Different types of troublemaker


As Epic says, noone likes a cheater. There are two types : the obvious and the discreet.

The obvious cheaters seem to get get a kick out of ruining a match by one way or another. In DM, it's usually robbing the best player of a victory while doing obviously impossible shots. Telltale signs include a pulse beam that waves from one target to another according to proximity or repeated headshots on anything in sight with an FPH approaching 700-900 on a moderately full Deck server.

The discreet ones are harder to catch out even if there are telltale signs. These are usually clanman with a certain status or players who have a big ego and cannot stand being beaten.

Definitely unwanted on your server if you want it to be popular.


Some individuals seem to great joy in blasting their teammates of the edge of CTF-Face for example. Although funny a first time, the continued practise is obviously disruptive when it hampers a team's efforts to get points.


Spawnkilling has different interpretations but deliberate spawnkilling is obvious as the player practising it is positionned close to a spawnpoint such that the chances of survival of anyone spawning there are small.

This is usually overlooked on the tough DM servers as it's part of the game and everyone is supposed to fend for themselves but this may go against the policies of some servers.

On camping servers with spawn protection the definition is when someone uses there spawn time to shoot someone.


You can group in this category for anyone who is the verbal equivalent of a manure dispenser. The language is sometimes disruptive for other players and may include racial slur. For the sake of classification, this category also includes anyone who seems to have fun pressing their text/voice binds repeatedly.


Again, this depends on a server's policy. Teaming is when two or more players group together in a non-team context. You might have seen some newbie clans do this or some experienced clanners who seem to have missed TDM practise.

Advice on how to handle troublemakers

An admin is often seen as an authorative figure by casual players. It is important to be as objective as possible and to keep calm as there are quite a few hotheaded player who wouldn't hesitate to insult you even under the threat of a ban. This is especially important in resolving a complaint as appearances may be against one player when another is at fault. In case of doubt, you have no choice but to act according to the facts presented to you.

Also, note that it's a bad idea to confront a player when you are on the server yourself. This will diminish the impression of authority you transmit. Even if it means losing points, leave the server and reenter as a spectator. This is also a good idea in case you need to collect evidence by using demo recording.

  • Cheaters : For obvious cheaters, a one-strike policy is best as they are most often deaf to anything said to them. A kickban via the webadmin will usually get the message accross. However, note that some rely on the fact that they have a dynamic IP to get round a ban so this may force you to be on the lookout. In this case, it is usually good idea to have more than one admin active on a server.
  • Other categories : A two-strike or three-strike policy is advised here. A first warning to indicate to

a player that his conduct is unacceptable and a kick or ban following repeated abuse. Some players will feign ignorance and will carry on after an admin has left. In this case, a ban is the best solution and the person banned will have to take the trouble of contacting the admin to apologize and assure that he won't continue in future.

As for discreet cheaters, they are hard to catch out as they usually use some hack that isn't at all apparent on-screen. Thankfully, some game server providers have grouped to share information and the conjuction of reports will sometimes lead to confront a player with some form of evidence. This is how the #anticheat group works.

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