IIS: Redirect from UT200x Installation without compression

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This basic guide will help you to set up a redirect server from your UT200x installation on a windows based computer with IIS. This way you won't need to compress your custom files and you could save a lot off space. Though it is a the cost of some bandwith with ain't a problem for a LAN server off course.


  • IIS Webserver or anyother webserver that uses ISAPI modules
  • Text editor
  • UT200x server installation

Installing the ISAPI Rewrite Module

First you must obtain a copy of Ionic's ISAPI Rewrite Filter (Direct Link). It's opensource software and also free of charge. Therefor you don't have to worry about any expenses. Now let's follow the installation steps in the readme file.

  • Copy the dll to C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\<your-virtual-server-name>\

I let you copy it to this folder so you don't have to worry about security rights and this way you can use the module for any other virtual server you run.

  • Open the Internet Information Service Management Console or you could also use the Computermanagement.
  • Set the module to load whit the appropriate virtual server

Creating the configuration file

The module looks for a configuration file in the same folder as it is with the name 'IsapiRewrite4.ini'. Therefor we'll create this file. In the file put the following lines:

 RewriteRule  ^/UT2004/(.*).ut2$                     /UT2004/Maps/$1.ut2			[I,L]
 RewriteRule  ^/UT2004/(.*).ka$                      /UT2004/KarmaData/$1.ka			[I,L] 
 RewriteRule  ^/UT2004/(.*).u$                       /UT2004/System/$1.u			[I,L] 
 RewriteRule  ^/UT2004/(.*).uax$                     /UT2004/Sounds/$1.uax			[I,L] 
 RewriteRule  ^/UT2004/(.*).ukx$                     /UT2004/Animations/$1.ukx	        	[I,L] 
 RewriteRule  ^/UT2004/(.*).usx$                     /UT2004/StaticMeshes/$1.usx		[I,L] 
 RewriteRule  ^/UT2004/(.*).utx$                     /UT2004/Textures/$1.utx			[I,L]

With this ini file UT200x can look for let's say DM-Gael.ut2 on http://<your-server>/UT2004/DM-Gael.ut2 and it will be redirected to http://<your-server>/UT2004/Maps/DM-Gael.ut2 without noticing it. The [I] stands for case-insensitive. I put this one in there so you can test it without having to worry about lower- or uppercase. The [L] makes this statement the last processed rule. By default the module restart processing the URL after it has been rewritten. But in this case it would create an infinitive loop.

Now let's restart IIS and try out our redirect.

Configuring UT200x

edit your UT200x.ini so it contains:


Restart the server and it should download from your redirect, and saving you a lot of room at the expense of bandwith offcourse

If there are some questions feel free to ask them, the regular expressions are just like the one in Perl so you can adapt very easily.

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