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This tutorial was created by Rush

TODO: This part needs to be finished
  • LogoSplashV3 release and setting instructions
  • Rewrite most of it, replace the tools used etc.



Ok, first we'll need to make the logo graphics, flags and the intro sound. You don't need to make all of them. Only these you'd like to have on your server. Do not care about the textures' color palette, just download the Video Tools for converting pictures. Install it.

Graphics & Sound

For intro sound you should also have a program like CoolEdit or SoundForge or any other which can convert the sample rates. Now you should create your logo and sound. Logo should be in 128x128 or 256x128 size, I'm not a graphic so I won't tell you how to make it. :P Remember to decrease its brightness to the half, when displayed in UT it will look normally.

When it goes to making sound intro you should find a pretty girl with nice voice who would say something like "Welcome to my server". :) Of course you'll have to record it and mix with some music or effects.

I've included the extracted flag files in this tutorial. Remade them.

Before converting your work to UnrealEngine files - utx for pictures and uax for sounds we have to do few things cause there are some restrictions for them: your logo should be 256 colors pcx file and the sound 22khz, 8-bit, mono "wav". (Just don't comment :P)

Open the RAD Video Tools, select the graphic file to be converted to 256 colors, click "Convert a file", change output file to pcx, set "On 8-bit palettes" to "Create New" and click "Convert File".

For converting the sound I'll describe how to this in CoolEdit: Open the file, Go to Edit -> Convert Sample Rate, set it to 22050hz,8bit, mono, click ok and save the file.


Ok, we're ready to open UnrealEditor now, it's in the UT/System directory if someone doesn't know. :) Click on Texture Browser button on toolbar(You'll find it :P), go to File -> "Import ...", open your logo pcx, uncheck "generate mipmaps" and fill the fields: First for example should look like "MyClanPackage"(remember that it must be a unique name), second should be empty and third fill with "logo". Click ok. Repeat the process of importing with the flags however the third section after opening the file fill with "flagred" for the red flag and "flagblue" for the blue flag. Save the file with the same name as you filled the first section.

Now open the sound browser. Import the intro's wav file, fill the sections with "MyClanIntro", Empty, "intro", save the file with the name from first section. That's all we wanted from here, close the Editor. Copy the new utx to your server's Textures dir and uax to Sounds dir.

Adding To Your Server

Now the last part, we'll almost done. Copy the attached file LogoSplashV2.u to your server's System and edit the server's ini.
To [Engine.GameEngine] section add:

ServerPackages=MyClanPackage           ; change it to your unique name
ServerPackages=MyClanIntro             ; change it to your unique name 

Add this section at the end of the ini.

LogoTexture=MyClanPackage.logo         ; change it to your unique name
CaptionLineThree=MY GREAT
CaptionLineFour=UT SERVER
IntroSound=MyClanIntro.intro           ; change it to your unique name
CustomRedFlag=MyClanPackage.flagred    ; change it to your unique name
CustomBlueFlag=MyClanPackage.flagblue  ; change it to your unique name
LogoTranslucent=False                  ; check it to see if the logo looks better with it 

Restart the server, join it and enjoy. :) Ah, almost forgot, flags are always HighDetail now, no matter how the client has set his WorldDetail.

PS. Remember to compress your sound and textures packages to uz files and to redirect them. Without it people will complain about the long download process. How to do it is described in the Redirection & Compression tutorial



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