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What are UT2004 demos? What are the advantages of a server-side demos ? Well demos are actually sort of movies that are created while you are playing, so when you start recording a demo you can look at it afterwards to see where you made a mistake, how you kicked that guy's ass, etc. The difference between client-side and serverside demos is that a client-side demo records only the view you see when you're playing and you can't look at what the other was doing or how he got behind your back to kill you. This is where server-side demos come in handy because they just record everything that happens during the game.

Using UT2004 Options

Console Commands

There is a console command that you can use to start recording a demo from UT2k4 like you did before.

Admin DEMOREC [demoname] - Records a demo using the demoname you type Admin STOPDEMO - Stop recording a demo

(To lauch the demo on your PC use DEMOPLAY [demoname] - Plays the specified demo)

Command Line Option

When you put this in your command line and start the server it will record every match that will come up until you remove it and restart the server.

Add this to your command line to use this option, Starts a server-side demo recording. ?Demorec=nameofdemo

Third Party Solutions


If you use UT2Vote then if you log in as admin, you can acces the admin button from the vote menu and there you can press DemoRec (it's a button just at the bottom) if you can't click it try looking to enable it trough one of the options above it. When you use this option it will only record from the moment you pressed the button until the match has ended.

If you can't press the demorec button then try looking trough the option above it (most likly the one right above it) and uncheck it.

UT2Vote Homepage or Other Page


In UTComp it is an option (it can be controlled through the webadmin) and when you enable it, it will just start to record the next match that comes up until you disable it (it will go until the end off the match off course).

UTComp Homepage


A note to the wise this may be a handy mutator because it will allow you to set a numer for maximum demorecords before an admin needs to act and you will be sure that your hard disk won't get completly full. On the other hand you can also add it to a special Clan match setup so it will always record those precious Clan wars.

DemoRec HomePage

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