Running a Server as a Windows Service (UT2004)

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Taken, in part from, Microsoft Support

This procedure uses the registry editor, use at your own risk!!!

To use as a server, make sure the computer you choose will boot with only a network cable and power cable attatched. Some BIOS changes may have to be made.

Make sure that ut2004 server runs correctly from a shortcut on the desktop and/or a *.bat file before using this procedure. You will need this later.

Obtain these files: Instsrv.exe and Srvany.exe from Microsoft.

Copy them into a directory that has NO SPACES IN THE PATH. I recommend the root of a drive.

Open a Command Window.

Execute the following: PATH_TO\Instsrv.exe NameOfService PATH_TO\Srvany.exe

Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NameOfService to verify the service was created.

Right click on the new service and add a new "Key" named "Parameters"

Now, right click "Parameters" and add the following "String Value"s: AppDirectory, Application, and AppParameters.

Right click each "String Value" and "Modify" them as follows:

AppDirectory: The full path to the application's directory. Copy and paste from the shortcut/.bat file.

Example: C:\Games\ut2004\system

Application: The full path to the UCC.exe. Copy and paste from the shortcut/.bat file.

Example: C:\Games\ut2004\system\UCC.exe

AppParameters: Any parameters required to start the application to your specifications. Copy and paste from the shortcut/.bat file.

Example: server ONS-Torlan?game=Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame ini=UT2004.ini log=ons.log

Exit the registry editor.

Go to Start>Run>services.msc, select the new service and restart.

A simple test is to see if the Web Admin is available, if enabled. Otherwise, check the Task Manager to see if UCC.exe is running.

By default the new service will automatically start at Windows startup. Always reboot when you have toggled the service during testing.

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