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Running a UT2004 Server is just as easy as it is for UT2003. Basically the principle is the same you can use a bat file, a service or the command line to start a server. Alternatively on Linux you can start your server via the command line or

We fully recommend either the batch file or service option.To start of with you will have to request a special server cd-key (unless you are running the server on a computer with the full game already installed) . This can be done by visiting Epic's UT2004 KeyGen Site and then following the instructions supplied in the email.

Warning: You must enter an email capable of receiving a .reg file (if you email provider filters out the whole email you will need to use a different email address).

Starting from a Batch File

Edit your runserver.bat file that is stored in your ut2004\system folder and change it from:

@echo off
ucc server %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 -log=server.log
copy server.log servercrash.log
goto 10 


@echo off 
ucc server ONS-Torlan?game=Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame ini=UT2004.ini log=server.log 
copy server.log servercrash.log 
goto 10 

This will start a basic Onslaught Server.

To run as different servers change the line:


Here is a list of available gametypes in the retail package. If you installed a mod there might me more gametypes available to you.

If you are starting a LAN based server, add -lanplay to you command line. This will also increase map download speeds.

@echo off 
ucc server CTF-Yesterday?game=XGame.xCTFGame ini=UT2004.ini log=server.log -lanplay
copy server.log servercrash.log 
goto 10 

Starting A Linux UT2004 Server

The principle for running a Linux server is very similar. You use the same start-up line with the addition of -nohomedir switch and ucc-bin instead of just ucc

For example to run an ctf server via the linux command line we would have something like:

ucc-bin server CTF-BridgeOfFate?game=XGame.xCTFGame ini=ut2004.ini -nohomedir

You may also run your server via the . Simply open this file in a text editor and use the above command line.

If you wish to start a different type of server then simply use one of the command lines above.

Lastly, if you are starting your server via putty then you may wish to run your server in the background so that it stays running once you exit putty. This is simple to do by adding & to the end of your command line. For example:

ucc-bin server CTF-BridgeOfFate?game=XGame.xCTFGame ini=ut2004.ini -nohomedir &

Running as a Windows Service

Please see our separate guide on running a UT2004 server as a service.


We will use the Instagib mutator as an example of how to add mutator support. This is simply done by adding:


All you need to do is change the part that says:


and add ?mutator=XGame.MutInstaGib



If you want to use multiple mutators simply separate them with a comma e.g.:


will add instagib and lowgravity.

You will find a list with all retail mutators here.

Setting up UT2004 Webadmin System

UT2004 can use one of two admin systems. The first is like Unreal Tournament or like most other games, one admin user and password which allows you access to everything.

This we will call the basic admin system.

UT2004 also has an XAdmin system which allows you to have multiple user accounts and passwords each with different admin levels. For example, one user could have access to kick but not ban while another user could have access to everything but setting a game password.

First, we will setup the generic options needed for both systems

Find in your UT2004.ini file this section:


Change bEnabled=False to True

You may also wish to change ListenPort=80 to annother value. As This will be the port which you run your webserver on

Basic Admin System

To enable WebAdmin from the command line (ie. just 1 user name/pass) then add the


parameter to your command line.

An example command line would now be:

ONS-Torlan?game=Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame?AdminName=myname?AdminPassword=mypass ini=UT2004.ini log=TypeLogNameHere.log

XAdmin System

To enable the Xadmin system find the section [Engine.GameInfo] and change the value of the AccessControlClass= line to XAdmin.AccessControlIni

Now start your server and you will notice a new file is created in your system folder called xadmin.ini . This is where all your admin user/passwords/levels are stored. We strongly recommend you do not edit this file directly but that you set your admins up via webadmin.

Now browser to your server ip:port e.g. and you will be prompted for a user and password. This is default set to Admin / Admin and it is case sensitive. You will now be able to access the admins and groups menu on the top right of the screen.

We strongly recommend one of the first things you do is to change the default password. Also, note that you will have to login via console with your username in the format:

adminlogin user password

Running a Server Behind NAT

You will need to open some ports in order to allow outside clients to connect to your server. This means that you are using some kind of router. How to forward the ports depends on the router Manufacturer. See your documentation for additional information.

The default ports are:

Port Type Description
7777UDP/IP(Game Port)
7778UDP/IP(Query Port; game port + 1)
7787UDP/IP(GameSpy Query Port; game port + 10)
28902TCP/IP(Allows your Server to Connect to the UT2004 Master Server Browser)
xxxxTCP/IP(Port set via ListenPort that your WebAdmin will run on)

Also make sure you set the following to True

Find the [IpDrv.MasterServerUplink] part in your server's ini file, and modify the following value:


If you are unable to browse webadmin using the external IP address of your server, but accessing the webadmin from inside your LAN works, then the following may help you:

Find the [UWeb.WebServer] in your server's .ini file, and modify the following value (where x.x.x.x is your public internet IP address ):


Also, please remember due to the way NAT works, any computer within your local NAT network will have to connect and view your server (via the server browser) via the LAN IP else you will have problem's connecting and get N/A for the server details. Anyone outside your network (Internet) should see your server fine now as long as the ports are opened.

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