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SLV, or Strangelove, is a mod inspired by the film Dr. Strangelove where redeemers are replaced with missiles that a player can use to fly around a map.


Betatest screenshot

The StrangeLove mutator itself was originally created by 0FUS/S.L.U.T.S. Engineering Labs, based on the movie "Dr. StrangeLove".
Screens of betatesting:

Somehow or another, it all starts with an old old player named "jUNKy". He goes at creates the first SLV arena server that becomes a hit (sure there were others, but his was the "original"). This was the server where most of the older members first started playing Strangelove. Then he went missing, and everyone was like "Where is junky?".

He came back and started up a server again, with a couple admins, but the admins were abusing their powers. The server wasn't as full as it used to be ,because the clans at the time (DR, KOA, PsK) had dedicated servers already, so he just ended his server.

Forming clans
Around 2001 KOA is formed by |KOA|Avenger as a clan of his family members. DR is also formed around this time. A bunch of Frenchmen that go to the same school, Benjamin Franklin University, start a clan called "BeN" which eventually evolved into [UrS], and they open a server as well (with "Athos" as the clan leader). The [UrS] Clan formed the game play for SLV and had very skillful players and they were competing for the top with the [DID] clan. Slowly, a rivalry forms between UrS and DR, and after a while, DR pretty much only plays on Junky's, and UrS stick on their server. It was a big drama at the time. Anyway this was the height of SLV... there were hundreds or thousands of players every day across only 2-3 servers, and often to play you had to sit in a spec slot and the second someone left, it was a race to see who could change to a spectator the fastest and get into the game. [UrS] eventually died and their members became inactive.

Athos/Nuclear Unreal
Athos is the famous author of many SLV maps, and coder of mutators. Athos wanted a stronger semi-admin system and decided to try writing his own - and ASC was born. He continued to work on it and whatever. He decided he didn't like that UrS members felt like they ran the server, so he changed the UrS community into "Nuclear Unreal" and gave out server admin rights based on merit, not clan membership. This went on for a while, and somewhere in that mess, Junky's went dark. Out of nowhere he kind of disappeared, and the server came down later on as well. So NU was going strong, and ASC was just starting to be released for public use. Athos got upset about something about DR and decided to end NU, which at that point, was pretty much the entire community. Athos went with a few other guys to UT 2004, where he's still active and created the StrangeLove mod (see ). Msull and some others (Toker, Bloody, Typhoon, perhaps Synn?) took over the old NU forum (which was hosted at a site BeyondThePortal) and got all SLV-clans to join together under this new arrangement - and Atomic Unreal was born.

Atomic Unreal Since Athos was gone, Msull started coding on ASC to improve it, because he felt there was a lot more that could go into it. AU was kind of a mess at first, there wasn't strong leadership and behind closed doors, none of the admins got along at all. After a while, Bloody left, Toker went missing for a long time, and so did Typhoon. Eventually AU was run by just Msull and The_Dave. Athos made a return during this time, and re-birthed NU, which created two communities that basically were split by geography... AU was North / South Americans, and NU was all the Euro players. Neither community really had contact with the other - we played on different servers, had different forums, and for the most part, it worked well. The Euro community had younger players than the AU community did, so they had some more issues with that than AU did.

Athos’ short return

Athos was a little unhappy about Msulls development of ASC, because he was working on a new system called HUT which really screwed around with gameplay. So those of us who had used ASC hated it, but it was what the Euro players were used to. NU closed again and once again Athos was gone. logo

Defrost started the IG server, which was kind of the new home to Euro SLV players. Slim, SuB and Defrost, and some others were unhappy about how AU was (everyone kind of had piss-poor attitude), so they wanted to create a place that was a bit more positive - thus, UT-SLV ( was started. Most AU people stayed where they were, and Euro players came here, but there were some issues, like where clans were going to put their forums. Honestly, Msull and Dave were a bit furious that this site was created (and thus didn't register here for a very very long time) but it didn't matter - life went on. Defrost managed to sift through the obfuscated changes in SLV201 and came out with SLV202 to fix some of the issues in SLV and further developed the SLV mutator.

New UrS clan
In 2006, Headshot and Illex_Twin reopened UrS (after asking Athos) and even changed the clan tag to <//UrS//>. (So the old clan [UrS] is not the same as the current <//UrS//>). Cronos and Illex_Twin bought 2 servers, the Nuclear Madness one and a Private server.

Automic Unreal hacked
In October of 2007, a player "Weed 4 All", aka "Poetz sch", DDoS'ed AU's site, Msulls WhartHog's PigPen server, Msulls website, and KOA server, which was the most popular American server at the time. And so AU died in a matter of hours - Dave and Msull attempted to bring AU online over and over, but the attacks never ceased. They were even accused of making up that he was even the one attacking, even though he had admitted it right out in the forum (Euro players weren't too found of them). So later on Dave and Msull decided that it had been a good run and they were calling it quits with SLV. Msull quietly got WhartHog's PigPen back up, and that was good enough for him. About half of the older players that were at AU left SLV for good. The rest eventually found their way here, and Msull did as well in spring 2008.
The UrS page (mementomo) also got hacked in November of 2008 and went down. Sp0ngeb0b recreated the site at and now they are located at
Meanwhile IG had become the most popular server, even though the clan and server had died / come back a few times. Defrost was unhappy with HUT, and ASC just plain blows, so he decided to create Nexgen.

The most populair SLV server, IG, went down on may 2010 due to a broken harddrive after that the oldskool NY server became populair and Bombing Run became a populair mutator combined with the map BR-Contact.


Online Readme

Client-side configure

Setting Explanation
showKeys Display an overview of SLV controls as part of the SLV HUD when set to true; if you don't need this, set to false.
showRearView Show a small rear-view mirror while piloting a rocket when set to true; otherwise, set false to disable. Defaults to false.
disableContrails Don't show the rocket contrails when set to true; otherwise, set false if you wish to see them. Default is false.
contrailRotate Contrail sections slowly rotate when set to true. Default is false.
contrailViewAlign Contrail sections automatically align to the player's view when set to true. Default is false.
contrailLifeTime Amount of time a contrail remains visible. Set as a decimal.
disableLaunchScream Set to true if you wish to disable the "Yeehaw!" scream when launching a new rocket. Default is false.
showDamageSparks Show sparks when an SLV rocket hull is damaged when set to true; default is false.


SLV beginners guide:

Once you alt-fire the Strangelove, you will be riding a SLV. You can steer the rocket with your mouse, and contol your speed using the direction keys.

forward/back: throttle up/down
jump or alt-fire: eject
fire: toggle afterburners
duck: toggle "shoot mode"
next/prev. weapon: warhead status

There are no brakes. Deceleration is much slower than acceleration. The afterburner eats up fuel like crazy and increases your acceleration and top speed.
When in "shoot mode", the HUD disappears and you may freely look around and take shots at people. You can't control the rocket while in "shoot mode", however. The only command you can use is jump (eject).
Depending on server configuration, there are three warhead options. Auto, armed, and disarmed. See default warhead status option in "Options".
When you run into a teammate on your Strangelove, they will become your gunner. The gunner operates exactly like the pilot when in "shoot mode". They are free to shoot but cannot move until they eject.

Don't SPAM!
Also don't shoot slvs without no reason (no confirmation of an enemy) and don't shoot slv after slv after slv (see the beginners guide how to launch ONE quick aimed slv instead). This is considered SPAM and unskilled playing and will get you banned. An unarmed kill is always more satisfying than an armed kill.

Version history

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