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Sometimes there's some things that will get your average admin stumped. This page will list the most common problems encountered and their solution.

Server INI Problems

  • I just edited the ini file on my PC and uploaded it to my server. I then restarted the server but it stays offline. Oops.

This was probably caused by using the Windows notepad to edit your server's file. Since Windows and Linux encode line returns differently, the modified file is no longer understandable by the Linux version of UT. I advise using a more advanced text editor such as Editpad Lite.

Map Problems

  • I uploaded a map to the server but it crashes each time I try to switch to it. Help !

The chances are that your game server host not having installed Bonus Pack 1 & 4 on the server. Either ask the host to add the BPs or add them yourself if you feel confident enough. Once you're finished and have done the necessary changes in the ini file, the map should work fine.

Mutator Problems

  • I added a skin/mutator to the server but it seems invisible.

What's probably happened is that you've forgotten to make the necessary changes to the server's ini file so that the server will force a package to download. For mutators and gametypes, there's usually a readme explaining what lines to add (they usually look something like "Serverpackages=Mutator"). As for skins, the name of the utx/int file of the skin needs to be added as a ServerPackage.

Package Download Problems

  • I've added various files to the server but I get a message saying the server refused to send them.

Look in your server's ini file and check the following in the [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] section :


If AllowDownloads is set to false, a client will only be able to download files off a redirect site if redirection is enabled. Set it to true if you want to allow clients to download files directly off the server. Note that this will affect a server's performance. Also, MaxDownloadSize will limit the size of files (in bytes) that can be downloaded off the server.

  • I've uploaded a compressed UZ file to my redirect site and it starts downloading but is then refused.

This could be because the package on your server isn't the same version as the one on the redirect. Make sure the compressed file corresponds with the one you're using.

  • I get this error message when trying to connect to a server :
Assertion failed: !Reader.AtEnd() [File:..\..\Core\Inc\Fcodec.h] [Line: 324]
History: FCodecHuffman::Decode <- FCodecFull::Code <- FCodecFull::Decode <- UDownload::DownloadDone <-
UHTTPDownload::Tick <- TickDownload <- UnetConnection::Tick <- UNetDriver::TickFlush <- UNetPending::Tick
<- TickPending <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- Mainloop

The mention of the huffman codec (same used in zip) indicates a problem with decompression. This is most probably happening while downloading a file off a redirect. The solution is to recompress a good version of the file and reupload it. Also, if you are uploading to the redirect via FTP, be sure you are uploading in binary, not ASCII mode. Uploading compressed files for your redirect in ASCII mode will cause clients to crash if they attempt to access the file.

  • My ini is set up properly for redirection but the redirect doesn't seem to work at all when I connect to my server

Check RedirectToURL. If you have, for example, inserted a space before the url, redirection won't work.

Server Configuration Problems

  • I've added UTPure to my server, the bots seem to be completely lost and hardly move.

It is most probable that ZeroPing and ZeroPing Sniper Arena are running at the same time. Unload one of them to see if it fixes the problem.

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