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Introduction & History

Unreal TV (UTV) is a type of UT2004 server designed to allow large numbers of people to watch ongoing games without the gameserver having to serve spectators as well as the game itself. UT2004 shipped with an incomplete version of UTV which worked for clients but not for servers. Two members of the UT2004 community, Fnordia and SY_SJ, soon released the missing files required for UTV servers to be run. The files are now distributed with Epic's latest v3355 patch. This tutorial explains how to set up and configure a UTV server for broadcasting.


Currently UTV servers can only be run in a Windows environment. The gameserver itself can be run in any environment. Whilst there are no specific figures on the CPU usage of a UTV server, they are not vital as long as UTV is running on a separate box to the gameserver. Bandwidth requirements are easily calculated - a 14-player game of ONS being broadcast will require up to 10kb/sec upstream bandwidth (per viewer) whilst other gametypes will not usually exceed 5kb/sec (per viewer).


A number of limitations apply to various versions of UT2004 servers and clients:

  • In an ideal setup the gameserver, UTV server, cameraman and all clients should be running the latest v3355 patch. At the very least the gameserver, UTV server and cameraman should be running the same version as each other, with clients using as new a version as possible.
  • Problems have been reported with clients running old versions connecting to UTV servers. You should recommend viewers update to v3355 before connecting.
  • This guide will assume that all servers are patched to v3355 - if your gameserver runs anything below that then these instructions do not apply.


Firstly, download the latest dedicated UT2004 server release here. You do not need to make any modifications to the files. Simply extract the contents of the ZIP (preserving directory structure) and make a note of the location of the new files. Then download the latest patch here. Open the patch with an archive program like WinZip and extract the files. Copy the game folders (such as System and Textures) into your main server folder, overwriting old files. Next, download the files needed to enable UTV on your server here. Extract the contents of the zip (UTV2004.int and utv.ini) to the System directory of the UTV Server folder.

Note: Do not download any DLL or other file for UTV if you are patched to 3355 or later. The latest UTV build is included in those patches. Only unpack the UTV2004.int and utv.ini files.

Configuring UTV

All changes to UTV are made via the utv.ini file - no other configuration files are read from when running UTV. Open utv.ini in a program such as Notepad and edit lines to suit your configuration.

ServerAddress The IP of your gameserver (do not include the port)
ServerPort The port of your gameserver
eg. 7777
ListenPort The port on which you want UTV to accept connections
eg. 1337
RemoteControlPort Port to be used for UTVRemote connections (no link available)
eg. 10555
Delay The delay created (in seconds) between events occuring and being broadcast
eg. 30
JoinPassword The game password for the gameserver (leave blank if no password)
PrimaryPassword The password used by the primary client (cameraman) to broadcast games
VipPassword Leave blank
NormalPassword The password used by clients to watch the action on UTV (best left blank)
MaxClients The maximum number of clients you want to be able to watch UTV
eg. 50
SeeAll Set to 0 if you don't want players to be able to roam the map themselves, or 1 if you do
eg. 0
NoPrimary Leave this set to 0
eg. 0
ClockInterval Leave this set to 0
eg. 0
TickRate The tickrate of the UTV server
eg. 30
FlushThreshold Tweak this if you're having problems with large numbers of clients
eg. 5000
IgnoreChainedChat Leave this set to 0
eg. 0
DLManagerCount Set this to the number of redirect links below
eg. 1
DLManager0 Provide links to redirect servers so that clients can download custom files
eg. http://uz.unrealadmin.org/
ConnectToMaster Leave this set to False - master server support is not enabled and will crash your UTV server
eg. False
ReplyToQueries Enabling this allows your server to respond to queries in a favourites list
eg. True

If you set SeeAll to 1, you will need to enable the SeeAll mutator in webadmin of your UT2004 server.

Running UTV

UTV can be easily run using a batch file in Windows. Create a new text file and call it UTV2004.bat - make sure the extension is .bat and not .txt. If you do not see the .txt extension on the file to change it, go into My Computer, click Tools, Folder Options, View, untick Hide Extensions for Known File Types, and click OK. You will now be able to edit the extension to read .bat. Right click on your new file and click Edit. Paste the following into the file:

C:\UT2004Server\System\ucc utv
goto loop 

Be sure to replace the first part of the second line with the correct path to ucc.exe in the dedicated server you just downloaded. Double-click UTV2004.bat to get the UTV server up and running. If all goes well, you should see a few lines of information basically saying that UTV is now running. The "Server timeout, level restart?" messages can be safely ignored.

Broadcasting and Watching

The primary client (cameraman) can begin broadcasting by bringing up the UT2004 console and typing:


Replace the IP, port and password with details specific to your server. From there, it's simply a case of following the action as though you were a spectator. Use the 'say' key to talk to both players in the server as well as UTV clients, or use the 'teamsay' key to talk only to UTV clients. You may also want to bind some keys to vary the speed at which the camera moves. These can be bound using the following command in the console:

set input A setspectatespeed 1000

In this case, pressing A would increase the spectator speed to 1000 so you can follow faster moving vehicles.

Clients do not need any additional files to watch UTV. Simply bring up the console and type the following command (replacing the IP and port with your own). open

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