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Support has been dropped until further notice.


Security risks

Native modifications have full access to your system and are therefore a huge security risk to the server administrator and clients. For this reason native modifications for UT2004 are not allowed by its EULA.

Official stance

Due to recent events concerning the abuse of an exploit in TAM the support (as previously stated) for Warlock Security has been dropped by all parties (Epic Games, Inc., the Unreal Admin page and Michiel 'El Muerte' Hendriks) until further notice.

Epic Games, Inc.

Epic Games, Inc does not support this mod in any way. Further more they only allow this mod if it's source has been reviewed by a trusted third party and the binaries have been compiled by a trusted third party.

*ANY* dll [native modification] is a potential risk so unless it's coming from a source that is trusted it shouldn't be used.

— Joe Wilcox - Epic Games, Inc.

the Unreal Admin page

For the time being, the Unreal Admin Page takes the position as Epic Games. We do not support this mod in any way. We do offer your website, forums and other services as a platform for support given by the creators and others.

The trusted third party

Currently the trusted third party is: Michiel "El_Muerte" Hendriks; one of the administrators of the Unreal Admin page

He is only responsible for the review of the source code and compilation of the binaries. He does not provide support. Only if the third party believes the version can be trusted will he create and distribute the binaries. These binaries will be distributed on this page, and only this, by him.

The Warlock Security Team, or others, might redistribute these binaries in a package containing documentation and/or other information. It's up to you to validate the redistributed files. On this page you will find various details about the original compiled files. If the information in the redistributed package does not match with the info on this page you should not trust it.

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