WhiteListed Mutators

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The following mutators have been whitelisted. That means that using these mutators will not make your server non standard. This list only matters for the standard gametypes. For custom gametypes (this includes Vehicle CTF, Invasion and InstaGib CTF) the masterserver does not distinguish between standard and non standard servers. If your server became non-standard and you do not run any mutators besides the ones below, chances are you have changed the weapon stay (TDM only), game speed or translocator availability.

Note: please keep this list sorted on the mutator field

Mutator Class name Download location
Angel Mapper Halloween (1) AngelMapperHalloweenMasks.HalloweenMask download
Anti-TCC AntiTCC118c.MutAntiTCCFinal download
Big Head unrealgame.MutBigHead this mutator is bundled with the game
Candy Canes (1) MutCandyCanesV11.MutCandyCanes download
Capture The Tree (1) CaptureTheTreeUT2004V22.CaptureTheTree download
DemoRecord4 DemoRecord41.DemoRecord download
Lightning Gun utclassic.MutUseLightning this mutator is bundled with the game
Holiday Fun (1) MutHolidayFunV20.MutHolidayFun download
MODOSUtils SplashLogo MODOSUtils302.SplashLogoSA download
No Adrenaline xgame.MutNoAdrenaline this mutator is bundled with the game
No Super Weapon xweapons.MutNoSuperWeapon this mutator is bundled with the game
OLStats OLStats.MutOLGameStats download
ONSPlus ONSPlus.ONSPlusMutator download
PlayerHater PlayerHater.MutPlayerHater download
Power Core Volume Mutator MutPowerCoreVolumeControl.PowerCoreVolumeControl download
Safegame SafeGame101Beta7a.MutSafeGame download
SantaBags (1) MutSantaBagsV11.MutSantaBags download
ServerExt ReservedSlots ServerExt.ResSltMut download
ServerExt Team Balancer ServerExt.mutTeamBalance download
ServerLogo4 (2) ServerLogo4.ServerLogo download
Sniper Rifles utclassic.MutUseSniper this mutator is bundled with the game
Stunt Vehicles Onslaught.MutWheeledVehicleStunts this mutator is bundled with the game
TA100 TA100.MutTalkingIcon download
UAdminMod UAdminModV095b.UAdminMod download
UT2Vote 4.5 or newer UT2Vote51.UT2VoteX download
UT2004 reporter IRCReporter.Main download
UTAN UTANBanManager101.MutUTAN download
UT Secure UTSecure.MutUTSecure this mutator is bundled with the game
Wait Limit WaitLimit.MutWaitLimit download
Wormbot IRC Reporter WormbotReporter.MutWormbot download

(1) This mutator is only temporarily whitelisted, mostlikely only for a related seasonal fest like Halloween or Christmas.

(2) This mod is a server actor without mutator part. The masterserver cannot see this type of mod, so it never makes a server non standard, even though it might not actually be whitelisted.

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