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Programmed by Bonehed316 (with source code provided by BDB for MapVote304)

TODO: This part needs to be finished
  • Add some screenshots and develop advanced use of this mutator. --Azura 02:08, 23 November 2005 (GMT)



Welcome to MapVote -- Please take your time to read the ReadMe, it may help you later.


MapVote was origionally created by BDB, but for our servers, we wanted a MapVote that would allow us to vote for Maps and Mutators. It started out as a few set modes that could be voted for, but because of a high number of requests, I have added the customizable buttons.

About MapVote

What is the purpose of MapVote?

MapVote allows a user to vote for what map will play next. MapVote tallys the votes and switches the server to the map that won the vote. This version of MapVote expands on base and adds 8 customizable buttons that can be voted for, each button can contain a set of mutators. Not all mutators will work, but most should. Special game types probably wont, but who knows.


Looking at what the future will bring, I have no additional features to add. But if bugs crop up, or if some people request something enough, I may be able to add some things.


Setting up a server

First of all we advise any person setting up a MapVote Server to make it a Dedicated Server. The reason is that Listen Servers have some minor issues and therefore the player setting up the Listen Server may cause problems.

Step 1 Copy all .u, .int, and .ini files to your System directory.

Step 2 To set up a dedicated server add the following to your UnrealTournament.ini in the tab [Engine.GameEngine]


To run the server all you have to do is, in DOS:

ucc server <mapname.unr>?mutator=x3dfxMapVotev25c.x3dfxMapVote

Once Mapvote is loaded, it should perpetuate itself without having to be added to any mutator button. Adding it could cause problems.

INI Settings

All ini settings are found in Mapvote.ini included in this package. If you did not get one, you wont be able to run the mutator.

The contents of MapVote.ini are well documented in the included ini file, so it is recommended you read through them. Also Included is the BDB ReadMe for 304, since this package is so heavily based on it.



Once MapVote is installed, it works just like regular MapVote. It even uses the same commands, so if you already have a button mapped to bring it up, it should operate as normal. The first match will use whatever mutators were loaded with the server. After that, which ever mode won, those mutators will be used. The old ones wil be discarded. You may vote for a Map and a Mode in any order, MapVote will not proceed with the map switch until either everyone has voted for both a Map and a Mode, or voting time expires. At that point, the votes will tally, and the winners will be applied to the next round. If there is a tie, MapVote will randomly break the tie. If no one has voted at the end of voting time, a Map and a Mode will be randomly chosen, with respect to the Map history, and the Modes that are enabled or disabled. In other words, if a Map or Mode cant be voted for, it wont be randomly chosen if no one votes.

Configuring ExtraMutators

Once MapVote is intalled, the mutators it uses must be configured. This can be done in game, as well, if you know what youre doing (but I dont recommend it). The in-game feature is mostly for REMOVING mutators.

Step 1

Find the ExtraMutators= section of your MapVote.ini file. In order for it to work properly, you have to add mutators like you would add them to your command line. x3dfxMapVotev25c adds the ?mutator= automatically, so please dont add it again.

IMPORTANT: This section is for adding mutators that will be applied to ALL buttons.

  • Add mutators as Package.Class.
  • Place a comma between mutators.
  • Do NOT space between mutators (this will cause mapvote to default to dm maps).
  • Do NOT end the entry with a comma.
  • Do NOT end the entry with a space.

For Example: ExtraMutators=BotPack.NoRedeemer,BotPack.NoPowerups

There is no arbitrary limit to how many can be added here, just use your good judgement.

Configuring Mutator Buttons

Once MapVote is installed, the mutators that each button represents must be configured. To do so, simply edit the following portion of your .ini file that came with this package.

ExtraMutators1 = Mutators assigned to Button1 ExtraMutators2 = Mutators assigned to Button2 ExtraMutators3 = Mutators assigned to Button3 ExtraMutators4 = Mutators assigned to Button4 ExtraMutators5 = Mutators assigned to Button5 ExtraMutators6 = Mutators assigned to Button6 ExtraMutators7 = Mutators assigned to Button7 ExtraMutators8 = Mutators assigned to Button8

IMPORTANT: This section is for adding mutators that will be applied to the desired button.

  • Add mutators as Package.Class.
  • Place a comma between mutators.
  • Do NOT space between mutators.
  • Do NOT end the entry with a comma.
  • Do NOT end the entry with a space.

For Example: ExtraMutators=BotPack.NoRedeemer,BotPack.NoPowerups

This example would add the NoRedeemer and NoPowerups mutators to button one ONLY. If you want your mutator to be for ALL buttons, be sure and add it to the ExtraMutators= section, as described above.

NOTE: You MUST name your buttons. They are pre-named to annoy you, so that you will want to rename them. Naming them in-game is now supported in this version, and is available in the GameTypes window.Be sure and name them something that is easy to understand. Be sure not to use too many characters, as they may not all fit.

For Example: ButtonName1=ZPNW, Relics

Configuring MapVote In Game

Once you have the Server set up, and are in game, you may login as admin and open MapVote and configure some options. More of BDB's options are in the Admin Tab, and a new Game Types tab is there now, which is used to enable or disable buttons, and define what their mutators are. It is not recommended to change this section unless you know exactly what you are doing. Be sure and save when youre done. Also be aware that the windows do scroll down quite a ways, to reveal more options.

Other Ideas

It may be possible to run some Non-Default game types with Mapvote. There is a section in the ini file that lists all of the game types. If you dont know what these are, dont mess with them. But if you are running a game type that replaces another, CTF4, LeagueAS, this may be a way to use them with MapVote for voting. No promises, I have never tried, but the possibility is there that it may work. If not, oh well.

Other Stuff


If you can seek me down, you may ask for help. Otherwise, be aware that BDB is not the creator, and may not be able to help. You can catch me usually on aim, MSN or yahoo (bonehed316 for all), and I may be able to help.

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