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How to run a dedicated server



This tutorial describes the different types of command-line parameters, and contains a comprehensive listing of all valid commandline parameters that are applicable to servers.

Command line parameters must be all on one line, and must follow a fairly rigid format, which is (blue highlighted items are game options, while green options are engine options):

ucc server MapName?Game=GameTypeClass?Parameter1=Value1?Parameter2=Value1,Value2?Parameter3=Value1 ini=server.ini userini=user.ini log=server.log


Integer - any whole number (1, 24, 2, etc. but NOT 1.5, 1/4, 0.8, etc.)
Byte - just like an integer, except can only be between 0 - 255
Float - Floating point number (1.1, 4.3, 0.4)
Boolean - On/Off flag. Many variations are recognized by UT, so that you can enter 1, On, True, Yes, etc. for a "True" response, and 0, Off, False, No, etc. for a "False" response.
String - any word or number; will be parsed as text (apple, blue, MyPassword, etc.)
ClassName - actual classname (xGame.xCTFGame)


This section will be updated as information comes in and is a work in progress until this line disappears

  • UT3Demo.exe server <mapname><?options> <-login> <-password>
Game Options
?AdminName=<name used for admin login during game>
?AdminPassword=<password for above>
?MaxPlayers=<max number of players eg. 8>
?MinNetPlayers=<min number of players eg. 0>
?bShouldAdvertise=<Should appear in master list eg. True or False>
?bIsLanMatch=<Is a LAN server eg. True or False>
?bUsesStats=<Generate game stats eg. True or False>
?bAllowJoinInProgress=<? eg. True or False>
?bAllowInvites=<? eg. True or False>
?bUsesPresence=<? eg. True or False>
?bAllowJoinViaPresence=<? eg. True or False>
?bUsesArbitration=<? eg. True or False>
?bIsDedicated=<Is a dedicated server eg. True or False>
?GoalScore=<Score for end game, eg. 50>
?TimeLimit=<Time limit, eg. 20>
?ServerDescription=<Not properly working yet or would be eg. My Server>
?numplay=x <number of AI bots you'd like in the game. These bots will quit as human players join the game, and replace them when they quit>
?minnetplayers=x <Minimum number of human players required for a match to start>
?game=UTGame.UTTeamGame <Forces a DM map to be a TDM match.>
?forcerespawn=x <Forces respawn eg. 0 or 1>
?botskill=x <The skill level of the AI bots. Ranges from 0-7 with 7 being the most difficult>
?vsbots=x <Forces all humans to one team and all bots to the other. Additionally it determines whether the bots will outnumber the humans. 1.0 indicates an equal number of AI bots to humans, 1.5 indicates the bots will outnumber the humans by 50%, and 2.0 indicates the bots will outnumber the humans by 100%>
?GameMode=x <Set this value to have the Server in the correct Game Mode in the Game Browser [DM=0?,VCTF=3,TDM=4?]>
?PureServer=x <0 or 1, 1 means that the set gametype is forced on all maps, even maps belonging to other gametypes>

Engine Options
-multihome=<internal IP address to use, currently not working>
-Port=<Port to use, eg. 7777)
-log=<Log name to use, eg. DedicatedServer.log>
-Login=<Registered Login, has to be unique for every server you run>
-Password=<Registered Password, has to be unique for every server you run>


  ut3demo server DM-Heatray?numplay=8?maxplayers=8?timelimit=20?goalscore=40?botskill=3 -login=FakeUser -password=FakePassword

This configuration would start a DM-Heatray free-for-all with 8 players. There would be 8 bots until players joined at a middle difficulty level. It would show up in the server browser as "FakeUser".

  ut3demo server VCTF-Suspense?GameMode=3?bIsDedicated=True -login=FakeUser -password=FakePassword

This starts the server in Vehicle CTF mode, and allows it to get properly published to the master server (in the appropriate category, and as a Dedicated server).

NOTE: To launch multiple servers on a machine with the beta ut3demo you must use the ut3demo.exe binary, not the binary. In at least one instance, using only "ut3demo" selected the .COM binary. Results were among others that it was impossible to stop a single instance without killing all running instances.
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