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How do I install an ut2mod in Linux ?

This is only possible from version 2199 and up.

To extract:

./ucc-bin umodunpack -x file.ut2mod -nohomedir

To list contents of file.

./ucc-bin umodunpack -l file.ut2mod -nohomedir

I've changed something in the UT2003.ini but when I start the server it still hasn't changed ? For example I've set the WebAdmin to true and it's still disabled when I start the server.

Are you using -nohomedir on the command line ? If you don't you should edit the UT2003.ini file in the /home/user_running_ut2003/.UT2003/System/UT2003.ini file rather than the UT2003.ini in the System dir of the install directory. Or start using the -nohomedir (advised for servers).

If you are using the -nohomedir on the command line you should edit the UT2003.ini file in the System directory of the installation.

When I start the server is crashes instantly, I get the following error (or similar): SIGILL

[ 1] ./Core.so [0x409abe42]
[ 2] /lib/libpthread.so.0 [0x40064307]
[ 3] /lib/libc.so.6 [0x40b32df8]
[ 4] ./Engine.so(McdNullCreate+0x15) [0x404fe2

The signal SIGILL mean thats the program tried to call an unsupported CPU instruction. This means that the program is either compiled for a diffirent CPU architecture or that the current CPU is not completely supported.

Upgrade you server to the latest version and try again. The initial release required at least a Intel P3 or AMD Athlon\Duron. But this got "fixed" at a later stage, it now also runs on a Intel P2 and AMD K6 (and maybe more CPUs)

I can't find the ucc script, should I use ucc-bin instead?

No, for some reason the ucc script was left out of the v2225 archive. You can get it from an earlier archive or download it here (place it in the base directory, not System).

When I execute the updater it claims that UT2003 isn't installed, but it really is. What do I do ?

You have to call the updater from the root directory.

cd /
/path/to/ut2003/updater/loki_updater --noselfcheck ut2003_dedicated

Or if you are using the retail linux installation use "ut2003" instead of "ut2003_dedicated"

When I try to patch the server I get an error like: No matching Delta for ...

That means that the file has changed since the last patch. With Packages.md5 it's normal to change when you install 3rd party addons to the server. There's no real way to fix it. With other files the installation might be corrupted.

There are two ways to get around this, one of them is pretty difficult (it involves editing the actual patch).

The easiest way to update the server is by using the tarball available. (just untar it, tar xvjf ut2003lnx_patch2166.tar.bz2 and copy the content to the system dir)

For people that want to try the difficult way of updating the server instructions will follow (only do this when you have enough knowledge), you can only use this if the file is Packages.md5:

  1. download the patch for your server (retail or dedicated)
  2. exatrct the content of the patch with the following command
    sh ./the-ut2003-patch --keep --target /tmp/temppath
  3. chdir to /tmp/temppath
  4. open the patch.dat file
  5. delete the block text about Packages.md5
  6. save the file
  7. run ./update.sh (you may need to set some envoirement variables, check the update.sh file for details)

The archive is called ut2003-lnxded-2225.tar.tar but tar says it's not a tar archive. How do I unpack it?

The archive is a .tar.bz2 and can be unpacked with:

tar -xjf ut2003-lnxded-2225.tar.tar


bzcat ut2003-lnxded-2225.tar.tar | tar -x

if your version of tar doesn't support the -j option.

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