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Creating a New Wiki Page

First thing you will want to do is make a page, to do this go to the URL of the pages name.
eg. For a page called "Test Page" you would go to Test Page.
It really is as simple as that.

You now need to click the edit link at the top, you are required to be a registered and logged in user to create and edit pages.
After you click edit you will be presented with an editing box for your pages content.
Below are the most common elements you will use when creating a page:

Page naming convention

Usually a page will have the name in the form of:

Short And Descriptive (Game)

Where (Game) is a short hand for the game, for example UT or UT2004.

Only when the page applies to all games, or at least most of them you can drop the (Game) part.

FAQ pages

When the page is an FAQ page you should prefix it with FAQ: (and ofcourse add the Category:FAQ).

FAQ pages don't get the (Game) addition, instead when it belongs to a single game it should should be made a subpage of FAQ:Game, ofcourse first check if there is a FAQ page where the FAQs could be added.

For example:

FAQ:UT2004/Some Mod

For a special section FAQ section for the UT2004 mod: Some Mod

New Lines and Paragraphs

To start a new line use the html code <br>
If you are starting a new paragraph just do that as normal by pressing enter twice.

Creating Section Headers

To start a new section with a section header make a new paragraph and use == My Section Header == If you create more than 3 section headers within a wiki page it will automatically generate a Table of Contents at the top.

Adding Images

Click the Upload file link on the left (you will probably want to right click and open in a new window if you are already editing a page.
Upload the file and then use the [[Image:My_Image_Name]] code, replacing My_Image_Name with the one you used for the uploaded file.
If you wish to generate a thumbnail view (which opens into a larger picture on clicking) then use the code
[[Image:My_Image_Name|left|thumb|100px|My Image Description]]{{Clr}}
The {{Clr}} code at the end generates a new line. Leave it out to make a row of thumbnails but make sure you use one at the final thumbnail or your page will look messed up!

Making Lists

For list with stars just put a * at the beggining of the line followed by a space, eg.
* This starts a list

  • This starts a list

To make numbered lists use # This is a numbered list

  1. This is a numbered list

Linking to Other Pages in the Wiki

Use the code [[Page Name]]
Its good practice to use spaces instead of underscores.

Adding The Page to a Category

This part is important, a page needs to belong to a Category.
Categorys include UT.
To add this page to UT we leave 2 line spaces at the bottom and then use the code

Further Reading

See Help:Contents for more information.

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