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<nowiki>[[user:?|''username'']]</nowiki> <nowiki>[[user:?|''username'']]</nowiki>
 +== Examples ==
 + <nowiki>[[profile:575]]</nowiki>
 + <nowiki>[[profile:575|some text]]</nowiki>
 + <nowiki>[[user:El_Muerte]]</nowiki>
 + <nowiki>[[user:El_Muerte|some text]]</nowiki>
 + <nowiki>[[user:?|El_Muerte]]</nowiki>
 +This produces:
 +[[profile:575|some text]]
 +[[user:El_Muerte|some text]]

Current revision

There are a couple of ways to create a user link. Often there's no need to create an explicit link to a user. Usually you just use the signature code [[profile:575|El_Muerte]]: which automatically creates the proper user link for you.

The following codes can be used to link to a user's profile page.

Profile tag


Optionally you can add a pipe to also make the actual name visible when editing the page:


However the username is only there for cosmetic reasons. The last option is always used for the signature code.

User tag


The username can only contains valid title characters. So if the username contains a [ or ] it will not work. Therefor a little magic has been added, the following trick will always work:



[[profile:575|some text]]
[[user:El_Muerte|some text]]

This produces:


some text




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  • Help:UserLinks