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On the 3rd July 2002 at around 10 am unrealadmin.org was born. Before that day I was like most other unreal admins out there, totally frustrated at the lack of a central point where I could find out how to do things and a place to get these magical mods and mutators from. Rather than do nothing though I took action and so unrealadmin.org was created.

After a month of putting up a few news posts, the odd (and I mean odd) tutorial and some downloads I spoke with Bry on irc about some part of the admin system. A few minutes later Brys first tutorial was up and he had joined the team. Interest in the site picked up as people found out there was another unreal admin site out there. A month or 2 later a few more joined the team .. El_Muerte, Evolution, Killing and Rambo. Since then these guys have sourced news & downloads, helped on the forums and written tutorials & articles to make the unreal admin experience that little bit easier.

As a couple of months went past the hosting package I had bought was not enough .. the site was going through around 2gb of bandwidth per day at that point and my monthly allocation was up before the first week was out. At that point a decision was made to have our one and only sponsor, Multiplay, who have generously hosted this site in exchange for a tiny advert on the left for there clan servers.

As we have grown we have taken on a few more admins, a full list of who we are and what we do can be found below.



Got annoyed, made a website .. still working out how he did it.
Unreal god. Enough said.

Super Moderators

Got annoyed as well, made some tutorials .. still working out how the site works
Coding genius who is now deservedly being rewarded
Linux genius, rarely sleeps, constantly codes.
Posts news .. lots and lots of news ... ph34r his spam!
Coding genius waiting his rewards

Retired staff

got lost in action while cleaning up
what a slacker
became too slow and got shot in the back


An unofficial unreal admins discussion channel is maintained on the Quakenet IRC network.

6667 (default)

Channel Rules

This is a channel for admin discussion, though it sometimes goes off topic and this is not frowned upon. The simple guideline to follow is:

  • Just ask your question, and be patient.
  • No-one in the channel lives to answer your question, and you don't need permission to ask.
  • Just ask your question, and sit around all day until someone decides to answer you.
  • If you're not there when someone knows the answer, you'll never hear it.

Guide to the People

Anyone with an @ next to there name is an admin with the web site (you can see who is an admin from the list above). Anyone with a + next to there name is either a person who has contributed a lot to the community or has shown a willingness to help out often within irc.

This irc section is a concise version of #UnrealScripts, purely because it says perfectly everything we want to

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