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We are using a customized version of the MediaWiki engine, also we are adding new features when we feel like it. Ofcourse it could happen that something goes wrong.

Because we linked the wiki authentication with the forum accounts it could happen that there are issues with some usernames. MediaWiki doesn't accept the same freedom in usernames as the forum (by default).

If you encounter that includes the following:

/usr/local/www/sites/wiki.unrealadmin.org/public_html/includes/some file

Please notify us immediately.

If the error contains the following:

/usr/local/www/sites/wiki.unrealadmin.org/public_html/extentions/some file

It this mostlikely because we are working on a new extention. If this error is still there after a while then please report the bug, otherwise ignore it.

An overview of all reported bugs is available here.

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